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Domača gostilna Mihovc - Stara Fužina, Bohinj, Slovenija
Gostilna Mihovc je pristna domača gostilna z dolgoletno tradicijo. Odlikuje nas pristen domač videz gostilne, prijazno osebje v narodnih oblačilih in široka ponudba domače hrane.

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Guesthouse Mihovc

The Mihovc Guesthouse lies right in the heart of the delightful village of
Stara Fuzina, just 500 meters away from the magical Lake Bohinj, sacred to
the Slovenians. The Guesthouse has stood since 1888, and is now
beautifully renovated in the traditional style, so that it stili very much retains
its old world charm, and continues to offer wonderful Slovenian hospitality
and delicious mountain cuisine using fresh local produce, as well as
international dishes, of course ... all served to you by staff in traditional
dress!The Guesthouse seats 60 people in the indoors restaurant, and
there's ro om for 120 more on the outdoors terrace ... ideal for hungry and
thirsty hikers, fishermen, sight-seers, climbers and ski-ers! Nearby is an
Alpine Dairy Farm Museum, and the village straddles a mountain river,
boasts great views and is a perfect base for scenic strolIs in nature. Kittens
abound in the woodsheds and farmyards nearby, and the sound of cow-
bells sets the scene for an idyllic alpine experience!
ln the bar, near the old farm-house stove, is a wonderful old retro radio ...
a nostalgic reminder of days gone by. The Mihovc Guesthouse welcomes
everyone whoseeks the majesty and magic of nature in a tranquil and
relaxed environment, and the fabulous hospitality of true Slovenians!

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